Watch: Eli Manning’s Comment about His Recruitment Goes Viral


For high school recruits, there are many factors to consider when choosing a college football program.

For former Florida Gators star quarterback Tim Tebow, that included a strength and conditioning coach. Former Ole Miss quarterback Eli Manning can’t understand.

The conversation between Tebow and Manning took place in an upcoming episode of the TV series “Ali’s Place.”

“I agree to look at the head coach and offensive coordinator when making a decision, but I never thought about looking at the strength coach when deciding to move to Ole Miss,” Manning said with a laugh. “I didn’t even know who the strength coach was—I never met him. He wasn’t worried about us.”

Manning excelled during his college career, becoming number 1 overall by the San Diego Chargers-he was eventually traded to the New York Giants.

Tebow was one of the strongest quarterbacks in the game, so his need for a power coach was a little more than Manning’s.


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