Watch: Draymond Green Reveals His All-time Starting Five


Raymond Green is no stranger to openly expressing his opinion.

The four-time NBA champion did it again when he sat down this week and was asked to put his all-time starting A’s.

He didn’t disappoint with his answer.

“My all—time starting five is Shaq in fifth place, Steph (Curry) in first, LeBron James in third,” Green said. “Now that epochs and stuff are getting complicated, because what era of basketball am I talking about? on 5, LeBron on 3, Timmy Dee (Tim Duncan) on 4, and if you think I was going to go with someone other than MJ on 2, you have to go crazy.”

This is a pretty good starting five, although some fans may disagree that some other legends are not in it.

What would be your starting five for all time?


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