Watch Dogs Legion to get story DLC and crossover


Those who have fun with Watch Dogs Legion will have several things to enjoy over the next few months, and Ubisoft has released a schedule with all the options that will arrive in the game until August.

As you can see in the list below, extras will be offered as new characters for players, in addition to finally having the chance to check out the story DLC in June and the crossover event with Assassin’s Creed sometime in late August.

Check out what’s next:

Free content

April – new cooperative missions, advanced character customization, new activities and new characters (DJ and First Responder)

End of May – Tactical Op 2, PvP Invasion and PvP Extraction

August – crossover event with Assassin’s Creed

Paid content (Season Pass)

April – new playable character (Mina Sidhu) and new mission

Late June – Story expansion: Bloodline, Aiden Pearce from Watch Dogs and Wrench from Watch Dogs 2 as playable characters

August – Darcy as a playable character and new missions in the Assassin’s Creed event

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