Watch Dogs Legion receives update 2.0


Ubisoft announces the news of patch 2.0 of the game, which will be available soon for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, fixing multiple bugs.

The first major update for Watch Dogs Legion is here. Just over a week after its launch, Ubisoft has confirmed the improvements that we can expect from the game’s patch 2.0, which will be available throughout the next few hours on PS4, Xbox One and Google Stadia. With it, a large part of the bugs and errors that until now roamed the streets of that dystopian London in which the adventure is set are corrected. We leave you with a list that compiles all the solved problems, but not before recommending you take a look at its analysis, The Revolution of the Masses, where the game rose with an 8.3. In the next few days it will be updated for free on PS5 and Xbox Series X / S, where we can enjoy several improvements, such as 4K resolution and ray tracing. Of course, not all new consoles will work the same, and Xbox Series S, for example, it has been confirmed that it will work at dynamic 1080p. Now, without further ado:

Fixes on all platforms

  • HDR optimized to reduce flickering.
  • Fixed the error that showed a wrong kinematics in the mission “More human than human”.
  • Fixed the error that made characters and sounds disappear from cinematics when we had a long-range weapon.
  • Fixed the error that could lead drones not to show us their location when we summoned them.
  • Fixed the error that prevented playing certain audio files after selecting them.
  • Balanced the enemies called Rushers, who “shot too much”.
  • Fixed bug that could cause infinite load times when switching operations near Buckingham Palace.
  • Fixed the error that stuck the puzzle in the mission “The face of the enemy”.
  • Fixed the error that showed the credits before the loading screen finished.
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Bugs fixed on PS4

  • Fixed the error that sometimes expelled us from the game when starting a new game.
  • Fixed certain graphical glitches that appeared when we changed the operators menu.
  • Fixed the hastag that would appear when sharing our snapshots from photo mode.

Fixed bugs on Xbox One

  • Fixed the bug that caused characters and NPCs to become pixelated in the Battersea area.
  • Fixed the error that prevented us from obtaining the achievement “Oral History”.
  • Fixed the error that caused the game to kick us after deleting a photo from the gallery.

Fixed bugs in Google Stadia

  • Fixed graphical issues during “The Harvest” mission cinematic.
  • Clarified how to disconnect when closing the game.

Fixed bugs in Ubisoft Connect

  • Fixed the issue that prevented unlocking challenges: “Historian”, “Discoverer” and “Collector”.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Google Stadia players from completing challenges.


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