Watch Dogs Legion: online mode will be released for free


Ubisoft announced on Monday (22) that the Watch Dogs: Legion online mode will be released on March 9. The update, which will be free, will be available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC.

In this game mode it will be possible to gather with friends in teams of up to four people to explore London, find events, participate in challenges and side activities. The additional content will also provide players with features such as:

Cooperative missions for two to four players with new team play mechanics, giving players the option to recruit the ideal teammates and face threats spread across the most iconic locations in the English capital.
“Leader of the Pack”, the first four player cooperative Tactical Operation is comprised of five interconnected narrative missions made for players looking for a bigger challenge. It will take teamwork, a lot of strategy and effective communication with teammates to win.
Spiderbot Arena, the first Player-vs-Player (PvP) mode available in the game. In it, four players control armed spiderbots and compete at high intensity in eliminatory matches.
Benefits and new missions
According to Ubisoft, each mission or activity that is completed online will reward XP players for improving rankings and unlocking bonuses such as cosmetic items and points of influence to recruit new characters.

Watch Dogs Legion Online

Those who purchased the Watch Dogs: Legion season pass will also have access to two exclusive missions in single player mode. The first is called “Guardian’s Protocol” and the second “Not in our name”.

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Voxel has tested Watch Dogs Legion Online and believes that the mode has potential. Are you looking forward to playing with friends? Tell us in the comments box below!


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