Watch Dogs: Legion, impressions. A London for everyone


We sat for another four hours at the controls of Watch Dogs: Legion. We know about your side activities and how we will liberate London.

Fate has led the Watch Dogs franchise to be a kind of hinge of the current generation. We began the stage of PS4 and Xbox One with the first installment, a new IP that proposed to extend the interaction with the open world. No less than 6 years separate us from the misadventures of Aiden Pearce, a strip in which the playable formula itself has matured towards other directions. It is the game that we all knew back in 2014, but raised to the cube. It conveys the feeling of having met the objectives imposed from their origin.

Watch Dogs: Legion, on the other hand, closes it to make way for what is to come with PS5 and Xbox Series X | S. Last July we had the opportunity to sit for almost four hours in this portrait of London. The impressions had a common denominator: the recruiting system. Being able to experiment with the mechanics allowed us to confirm that the promises had finally been kept. Less than a month before its launch, we take the controls again. This almost final build convinces.

The flame of revolution

We have spoken repeatedly about this portrait of London. Once the cultural epicenter of Europe, it has now become a reflection of the failed decisions of modern society. Technologies such as ctOS aimed to improve the quality of life in these unprecedented autonomous cities. However, it brought with it the opposite. We are not only talking about the loss of privacy, but about fundamental rights of any current democracy.

Following the trend, Watch Dogs: Legion raises a fictitious vision, yes, but at the same time not too far from what is to come. The strength of the automotive and autonomous locomotion marks a scenario doomed to the socioeconomic crisis. The rich remain richer, and the poor poorer. The middle classes are blurred before the totalitarian regime of a handful of thinking minds.

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In a situation of weakness, power is claimed by the forces of Albion, who turn the streets of His Majesty into a state of siege. Its purpose is ironic. They raise their voices hiding behind security, in the duty to protect citizens against modern terrorism. A smokescreen that serves as a green light to corner arrests, random searches and deportations without distinction. Free will to violence.

London is everyone’s city. Anyone who has been there knows. And for this reason, the fight does not fall on the topical selection of charismatic faces, but on any nonconformist person. Each one has in their hands the power to turn the tables, no matter how small their contribution. In the previous impressions we talked to you in depth about this new Dedsec, the way in which we add manpower to such a company. What we needed to know was the other half, in what we can invest the muscle of the entity.

District to district

The open world follows a classic structure based on the liberation of districts. Through the completion of the related activities, we will decrease the influence of Albion. The missions maintain the power of decision that characterizes the saga: you can choose to enter by force, use gadgets from afar or seek a stealth infiltration. The truth is that the tests we had access to offered a good level in terms of design. We had to analyze the environment, look for weaknesses and choose an escape point in case of being detected.


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