Watch Dogs Legion Gets 60fps Patch in New Generation


Watch Dogs Legion: Good news for Watch Dogs Legion players who own a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X! Ubisoft has already released the long awaited patch 4.5 and with it came the ability to play in performance mode at a glorious stable 60 fps.

In addition, crossplay between the same system families was enabled. In other words, Xbox One gamers can now play together with their Xbox Series X and S friends, while PS4 gamers can enjoy games alongside PS5 owners.

A new challenge for up to four simultaneous players has also been launched in Operation Tactical Project Omni. There, DedSec has infiltrated a secret project that is affecting Optik devices across town, only to discover that a mad scientist is experimenting and fusing people’s brains with his neural network.

On June 15th, the free operator Helen will be available in the Premium store. Finally, there’s also some news for online mode, with a new rewards track available in Season 2! Now available, it offers new cosmetics with 80 levels of progress.

What did you think of this update? Are you still playing or are you thinking of returning to Watch Dogs Legion? Comment below!