Watch Dogs: Legion gameplay, revolution looms in London


Fate was written for the Watch Dogs franchise. His path has led him to open and close the current generation of consoles.

The stay of PS4 and Xbox One in the market, has allowed Ubisoft to strengthen its open world proposal. A way of seeing the open environment where interaction with those around us prevails over any other mechanics. In the London of Watch Dogs: Legion, we cast the faces of evolution. There are clear differences between the preview that we have had access to compared to what we were able to test in the first edition of Ubisoft Forward. Beyond finding a much more done, whole product, we find a delivery that is even more committed to variety and verticality.

The structure of the city is based on a classical liberation system. As we complete activities in a district, the influence of the revolution will gain ground against the forces of Albion. Whether it’s helping a convict flee, or changing the visual propaganda, all these events will take us to the final mission, which propose a playable tone change that feels great on him. Who wouldn’t want to climb inside Big Ben with a robot spider? Although it sounds cliché, the city stands as the protagonist of the entire Watch Dogs experience. Every street, every face, every event… every playable element has a purpose that influences the way we approach London.

You choose how you want to form everyone’s Dedsec. This test reinforces the good impressions that the recruitment system left us. It’s real: you’ll be able to increase the muscle of the group with any character you come across. Citizens will be divided into two families: those who have a defined role and those who do not. The former have special attributes attached to their role. For example: if you manage to recruit a policeman, you can use his uniform to enter a police station without being detected. Or a bricklayer, who will do the same in construction zones. Jumping between recruited characters is as easy as selecting one from the main menu. After a short loading screen, it will appear where we were. All NPCs have their own routine throughout the day. As if it were a Sim Life, if we follow them they will carry out their routine tasks.

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