Watch Dogs: Legion delays its online multiplayer on PC


The rest of the versions, including Google Stadia, keep their calendar, so they will enjoy this mode from March 9.

Watch Dogs: Legion’s online mode will not be coming to PC on schedule. This was announced by Ubisoft itself through a statement on the video game’s official Twitter account. The reason for this delay is because the development team has detected several errors that compromise the quality of the product. Meanwhile, the multiplayer mode will be available on consoles and Google Stadia from March 9. Of course, you will also have to deal with some problems, which will be fixed later.

“We have found a problem in the PC version that causes crashes in some GPUs”, publishes the developer. “The team is working on fixing the bug as soon as possible.” According to the statement, they have decided to wait until the ruling is fully resolved. Ubisoft will announce the release date soon.

More problems to solve

The other versions are also not free of the problems, although this time they have preferred to go ahead with the launch, but suppressing some missions for the moment. They have detected an error that occurs during Tactical Ops missions, which also culminate in a crash. Therefore, they will be available later, specifically on March 23.

On PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 there will be limited text ingame chat, so the studio is working on a patch that will fix it, also on March 23rd. “We are committed to providing the best experience for all players, so we are working diligently to fix the bugs we have pointed out. We appreciate your patience and understanding. ”

Watch Dogs: Legion went on sale last October. The title has reached PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC, and Google Stadia. The upgrade to the new generation is completely free.


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