Watch Dogs: Legion adds something to its new game


In this title, players will have the possibility to embody any character to fulfill their objective. London, the nerve center of business Europe, is inhabited by thousands of citizens.

In Watch Dogs: Legion, the new work from Ubisoft Toronto, the protagonist will be able to recruit and manage all of them in order to put an end to the tyranny of the Albion macrocorporation once and for all. It is a science fiction product that narrates a dystopia in the not too distant future, where technology has become an important tool. That recruiting system is the cornerstone of the video game and also the protagonist of a new gameplay, shared during GameRadar’s Future Games Show.

As you can see in the video (below these lines), the action focuses on the process of recruiting a beekeeper. Each of the NPCs that appear in the game has different abilities and profiles, so the gameplay also changes accordingly. One of the advantages of having delayed the game, commented from Ubisoft, is that they have been able to improve this mechanic. “The most important thing we’ve done is refining the traits and abilities of every character you find in the world,” said Clint Hocket in an interview with IGN. This has made it possible to create “more interesting protagonists”.

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