Watch Dogs 2 Is Free In Uplay: Here’s What To Do To Get It


One of the most talked about game campaigns of the last period was Ubisoft’s free distribution of Watch Dogs 2 via Uplay. We explain what you need to do to get the game for free.

Famous gaming company Ubisoft announced that it will give Watch Users 2 a free game for PC users in its event called Ubisoft Forward. The company started broadcasting the event.

The event, which is carried out online , has some small tasks for gamers to have to have Watch Dogs 2 . First of all, logging in to Uplay accounts.

Answer questions, grab Watch Dogs 2

As we often see this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, Ubisoft Forward is carried out over the internet to reduce social distance. The event also mentions the company’s future games and the latest news.

Here’s what you need to do to have Watch Dogs 2 :

  • Log in to your UPlay account or create one.
  • Follow the UPlay streaming event .
  • Watch the broadcast for at least 1 minute.
  • Once you acquire the game, it will always belong to you.

At the event, the company was designed as a style event at the E3 game fair, which could not be held this year . Assasin’s Creed: Valhalla and the company’s new FPS game Hyper Space are also introduced in detail at this event. Also , if we look at the previous comments , Ubisoft has said that it will make many surprises in this event. For now, the contents of these surprises are not known. Known awards include the Watch Dogs Legion Ubisoft Forward jacket, The Division 2 key pack and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Moonlight.

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Players can buy the game and add it to their library before the event, which starts at 22:00 today, is over. Thus, it is possible to obtain Watch Dogs 2, which is worth 269 lira, for free in a short time.

Note: A lot of people are saying that they can’t access Uplay right now. There is no explanation from Ubisoft on this subject, but this problem is considered to be of extreme intensity.

Note 2: Ubisoft announced that some players are aware that they are having trouble and are working to resolve the issue.

Note 3: Ubisoft recently made a tweet about the situation and made a statement for the players. Players will be able to receive rewards even if they cannot log in to watch the broadcast.

“Don’t worry! Even if you can’t login successfully, we will give you the rewards. Sit back and enjoy the show!”


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