Watch: Danica Patrick’s Vacation photos go Viral


Danica Patrick might as well start a travel blog because she’s been traveling the world lately.

Patrick, 40, recently traveled to Alaska and Napa Valley.

In Alaska, she had a great time outdoors. She also showed off some impressive fishing skills.

“Did you know that the halibut first has eyes on both sides, but it moves in one direction and floats on its side on the ocean floor? I didn’t know either. Caught a halibut weighing 51 pounds! the club,” Patrick said.

Then Patrick went to Napa Valley, famous for its wineries.

“My liver broke up with me after last week……but what an explosion between Alaska and Napa!!!! 🐟 🍷 My dream (@somniumwine means dream in Latin) has always been to give impressions in Napa that help people fall in love with the valley, as I did in 2006,” she wrote on Instagram. “The bottle has a red dot on the label, the top of the foil and the cork, as well as on the logo on the back… it means “you are here”. Be here and now (Ram Dass). Be here with the people ahead.” from you and give all your attention. I want the wine to make the connection easier… and if you’ve had too much to drink, so be it.”

What a trip.


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