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Richard Rodriguez / Getty Images

In 2021, Micah Parsons had one of the best seasons for a quarterback in Cowboys history—and as a rookie no less. Today he made it clear that he is ready for the second year of study.

Taking to Twitter, Parsons could hardly contain his excitement about the Cowboys’ training camp opening tomorrow. He said he was excited and added a lion emoji to his message.

“The second year starts tomorrow!! Let’s go,” Parsons tweeted.

Parsons’ post quickly goes viral, gaining more than 1,600 likes in half an hour. Cowboys fans are just as excited about his success this season as his team:

“You’re going to terrorize the QB all year and I can’t wait. I’m announcing it now… 23 secs, 100+ selections and 40+ TFL. Add a little dazzle and you’ll get 3 peaks too,” the fan replied.

“Mark my words, Michael Parsons will lead the NFL with the most sacks this year (lion emoji),” wrote another.

“And this season you will be even better. It’s scary to think about violations in the league,” wrote a third.

Micah Parsons was one of the NFL’s top quarterbacks as a rookie in 2021. The sky may be the limit for him in his sophomore year.

And if Parsons can progress by leaps and bounds, maybe the entire Cowboys defense can, too.


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