Watch Cookie Monster Eat Lizzo’s Flute on Sesame Street


Monster cookies from Sesame Street were recently treated to flute-shaped cookies that Lizzo “played” — see the moment below.

Lizzo, a trained flutist, received a cookie flute as a gift from Sesame Street character Elmo for a sketch in an American children’s TV show. But soon Cookie Monster appeared, unable to resist the crunch.

“I’ve played many instruments, but I’ve never played a cookie before,” Lizzo says in the clip after being handed a flute. “Can I?” Elmo starts dancing to the tune before Cookie Monster picks up a snack for the instrument.

“It was the one and only cookie flute,” Lizzo says after a greedy Cake move. “I know, how can I not eat this? What an honor,” he replies. See below.

Fans of Lizzo and Cookie Monster may remember their Twitter correspondence in 2019, when the Sesame Street character remixed her song “Truth Hurts”.

“I just passed a DNA test, and it turned out that I have 100% cookies,” Cookie Monster wrote, and Lizzo replied on Twitter: “EVEN WHEN I’M GOING CRAZY, I GET PROBLEMS WITH COOKIES, THAT MONSTER IN ME IS NOM—NOM, THEN I’LL EAT THEM, THESE COOKIES IN ME.”

Meanwhile, Lizzo performed a cover of the hit “Unholy” by Sam Smith and Kim Petras on BBC Radio One Live Lounge — watch here.

The singer and rapper previously did covers of BTS hits “Butter” and “Adore You” by Harry Styles for Radio One Live Lounge.

Lizzo also performed at the BRIT Awards earlier this month, performing a medley of “Special” hits, including the title track “2 Be Loved” and “About Damn Time.”


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