Watch: Controversial Rating of NFL Head Coaches Goes Viral


Pro Football Focus is known to cause some controversy when it comes to some of their ratings. And the last one, concerning the best NFL coaches in 2022, was no exception.

There was no Sean McVeigh, Sean McDermott, or Mike Tomlin in the PFF top 10. But it includes curious additions by Cliff Kingsbury and Mike McCarthy.

The controversial rating definitely caused a reaction from NFL fans on social media.

“Did Cliff Kingsbury’s parents do this?” asked Matt Verderame.

“Cliff Kingsbury has an NFL losing record,” Allan Bell laughed.

“List of clowns”.

“What in God’s name is Cliff Kingsbury doing here??” another user asked. “More McVeigh and Tomlin?! Top 5 ?!?”

“Cliff? Lol.”

“The funniest thing I saw on Twitter today,” another commented. “Carroll’s headset has not been connected since 2014.”

“I can’t take this list seriously if McCarthy is on it.”

“That’s why any graph or statistics to which a PFF is attached, I just reject right away,” another user replied.

“Kingsbury, Carroll, McCarthy are out. Tomlin, McVeigh, McDermott are in,” wrote another.

Nevertheless, I welcome the high position of John Harbaugh.