Watch: Chris Collinsworth Answers the Question Everyone Is Asking


Many NFL fans were upset that there is no more “Collinsworth Slip” from Chris Collinsworth.

He did it all the time when he was in the Sunday Night Football booth with Al Michaels, but now that Michaels is with Amazon, it’s suddenly gone.

Collinsworth finally gave an answer as to why he stopped.

“So when Al Michaels was my partner, he gave the opening monologue, right? He came out on his own, and that’s what Al has been doing for the last 20 years. So I’m not going to change that. Mike Tirico doesn’t give the opening monologue, so what should I do?”

Perhaps NBC can convince Tirico to deliver an introductory monologue to bring back everyone’s favorite slide.

However, the slide now appears to be inactive until further notice.


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