Watch: Chae Soo Bin, Minho and Others Work to Survive in The Demanding Fashion Industry in The “Fabulous” Teaser


The upcoming TV series “Fabulous” has presented a new teaser!

“The Fabulous” tells about the work, passion, romance and friendship of young men and women who have devoted themselves to the fashion industry. It will show their struggle for survival in the competitive fashion world and their vibrant and passionate daily life in the country’s most fashionable industry.

Chae Soo Bin takes on the role of Pyo Ji Eun, manager of a luxury brand PR agency. As a person who has loved beautiful things since childhood, she is struggling to survive in the fashion industry, which she has wanted to be a part of all her life. SHINee’s Minho plays freelance photo retoucher Ji Woo Min, who has everything from looks to abilities. The only thing he lacks is passion, and he is not one of those who are bound by work or love. With Pyo Ji Eun, he maintains a relationship that fluctuates somewhere between friendship and the beginning of an affair.

The trailer begins with the narration: “There are those who shine in hidden places. Thanks to them, a new fashion is being born today.” Four young men who are building a career as a marketer, photographer, designer and model suffer from the demands of celebrities, despair from sudden rain and live as members of a D-class society. Even if they are beaten, abandoned and put in a dead end, they stick to their path and do their best both in professional and personal life.

The premiere of “Fabulous” will take place on November 4.

Watch the full teaser below!


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