Watch: Buffalo Bills Punter 82-Yard Punt Boots


In a rare move, the Buffalo Bills spent one of their picks in the 2022 NFL Draft on a player—and it seems like it could pay off.

During the Bills’ preseason game against the Indianapolis Colts on Saturday, rookie player Matt Araiza scored an incredibly powerful 82-yard punt.

Striking from inside his 10-yard line, the player selected in the sixth round sent the ball into the opposite end zone for a touchback.

Take a look at the punt here:

Araisa was San Diego State’s standout player for three seasons, averaging 51.1 yards per kick. He led American football with an average of 51.2 yards in 2021.

Former Bills player Corey Bojorquez made the longest kick of the year in the 2021 NFL season, reaching the same 82-yard mark. Steve O’Neill’s punt in 1969 for 98 yards is still an NFL record holder.

Veteran player Matt Haak, who entered the preseason at No. 1 on the Bills’ depth chart, is likely to be retired before the final roster cuts.


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