Watch Bruce Springsteen Perform The Song “Do I Love You (really, I love you)” in The TV Series “Fallon”.


Yesterday (November 14) Bruce Springsteen performed his version of Frank Wilson’s song “Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)” on the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon — watch the video below.

The track appeared on the singer’s new album of soul covers “Only The Strong Survive”, which was released last Friday (November 11).

Elsewhere on last night’s Fallon show, Springsteen discussed some myths about himself, his “awkward dancing” and the possibility of collaborating with Taylor Swift on tour next year.

“I’ll be on the Taylor Swift show. So I know that,” he said. “And she’s always welcome on E Street.” (The musician recently praised Swift’s new album “Midnights”).

Later, The Boss settled a debate on Twitter related to the lyrics of his song “Born To Run” “Thunder Road” (1975). “I knew you would ask this question, so I came prepared,” Springsteen replied.

Watch the interview and the performance of Do I Love You (Indeed I Do) here:


Springsteen is scheduled to appear in two more episodes of The Tonight Show this week, as well as in a Thanksgiving special later this month.

Meanwhile, the star said that before recording “Only The Strong Survive” he threw out “the whole record”. “There was something good about him, but not quite right,” he explained.

In a four – star review of the new album of covers , NME wrote: “Springsteen is reviving this classic as a means of celebration, pointing out some of the strongest songwriters and vocalists of all time with 15 huge and heartfelt tributes.

“He not only sheds light on what inspires one of the greatest living American songwriters, but also helps preserve the great people of the past and ensures that the best music and stories continue to live.”

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band are planning to tour the UK, Europe and North America next year.


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