WATCH: Billie Eilish Recreates The Hilarious “Office” Scene With Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey


Billie Eilish is a singer, Oscar winner and seven—time Grammy winner. But when she’s not on tour, she sings from the heart, she watches everyone’s favorite sitcom at home, which, contrary to popular belief, is not “FRIENDS”, but “Office”. The Bad Guy singer has expressed her love for the Steve Carell sitcom countless times. Not so long ago, Eilish had the opportunity to become a guest of The Office Ladies podcast, hosted by none other than Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer, better known as Angela Martin and Pam Beasley from The Office.

And you could only imagine how excited Billie Eilish was on the show. In addition, the singer spoke about the importance that the sitcom has in her life not only now, but also in adolescence. Eilish says, “Most of the things I know are thanks to the Office. So when Kinsley and Fisher asked a 21-year-old girl if she wanted to recreate a scene with them, it was nothing short of overly exciting.

Billie Eilish turns into Phyllis from “The Office”

In the Office Ladies podcast, the singer had the prerogative to play the iconic “first ever party planning committee” from the show’s first season. And Eilish, who, in her own words, “started (the Office) at 12,” which surprised no one, knew this scene by heart. “Oh yeah, I know this scene pretty well,” the Billboard 100 chart leader chimed in. The cast of the show, along with Eilish, begins to recreate the scene so that they can reach the evergreen wise words of Angela Martin: “I think green is good.” whores” when Pam Beazley offers green streamers.

The trio breaks character as soon as they hear the phrase to laugh about it. And it all ends with Jenna Fischer telling Billie Eilish, also known as Phyllis, “You’re officially in the PPC.”

Billie Eilish may have spent time at the BBC with a dizzying interview in which she said: “I feel strong when I feel like a man,” but it was in a podcast with the original cast of her favorite sitcom that she let out the strongest laugh. . In addition, the singer turned twenty-one last month, and despite the fact that she did not release any new music last year, she claimed to be the best performer of 2022.

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