How to watch BANG BANG CON BTS concert live stream


Know the schedules and links to see the broadcast of this event.

In a few hours, BTS fans around the world will show that distance is not a barrier when the music of their favorite idols is there to unite them. The BANG BANG CON experience is getting closer and you can’t miss any details about the broadcast so you can enjoy what BTS and Big Hit have prepared for you.

It is important that you have all your preparations ready in advance , so you do not run the risk of missing part of this show and you can enjoy it in the best possible way. Keep reading and find out all the important information you need to know.

The transmission will be made simultaneously for all parts of the world, so you must take into account the time that corresponds to your country. It will be a two-day schedule, but both will take place at the same time, review them carefully and plan your preparations so that you are ready.

April 17 and 18

9:00 pm: Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Guatemala

10:00 pm: Peru, Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador and Panama

11:00 pm: Chile, Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Venezuela, Cuba, Puerto Rico and Paraguay

April 18 and 19

12:00 am: Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay

5:00 am: Spain

You have two alternatives to watch this broadcast, through YouTube and also on Weverse. In the case of YouTube the dynamics are simple, you just have to enter the BANGTAN TV channel by clicking here . The broadcast is not yet available, but will be enabled when the event is about to start.

In the case of Weverse you can enter by downloading the app on your phone or from the site , likewise you must enter the BTS account , where the viewing of this show will be enabled. If you still don’t follow the guys on this network, click here to go to their profile and create your account now.

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We also leave you the download links for the app , you can click on the option that best suits your needs since it is available for iOS and Android . Remember that through Weverse, the option to connect your lightstick to the transmission will also be launched .

We know that surely there will be many people trying to see the boys of BTS during this transmission, this could cause the transmission in some links to get stuck or stop working for a moment, to prevent that from happening, fans are recommending that it not be saturated the space for comments to prevent the page from collapsing.

If you want to maintain constant communication with other fans, we recommend some alternatives.

1. Create a group chat on your favorite social network, where you include the BTS fans that you like the most or with whom you have constant communication, so they can chat while everyone watches the show from home.

2. Make a call or video call with a friend who is watching the same program from home, so they can chat without ever seeing the screen.

3. Express all your emotion on Twitter , while on your computer you watch the concert, you can make some posts on this social network and respond to some other people who also talk about the broadcast.

4. If you don’t want to feel alone but you don’t have acquaintances who like BTS, you can invite a member of your family to see the show, after that they could begin to understand the love you have for this group.

We recommend having both the YouTube and Weverse links available, in case one starts to fail, you can quickly go to the other platform . Remember to have your computer or phone with enough battery, since this transmission will be long. Enjoy BANG BANG WITH!


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