Watch: Awkward moment in “SportsCenter” went viral today


A very awkward moment between Josh Harris and Dan Orlowski occurred on Tuesday morning’s edition of Sports Center.

Harris was asking Orlovsky about which of Daniel Jones and Zach Wilson is in the best position to step up this year, and Orlovsky just sat there and said nothing.

He seemed to be considering the idea, but his Wi-Fi connection wasn’t the best.

This led Harris to wonder if he was frozen before Matt Barry said, “He’s not that deep of a thinker.”

Barry then grilled Orlovsky some more, pointing out that he had just signed a new contract, before Harris said, “You’d think Wi-Fi would be bundled with the contract, too.”

This is some kind of epic trolling of Orlovsky’s colleagues.

Despite the fact that there was no analysis, he still made excellent television, which is also very important.