Watch As Kiefer Sutherland, Charles Dance and Others From “Rabbit Hole” Try to Quickly Describe Their Complex Paramount Series+


Explaining the latest Paramount+ series in the 2023 TV program “Rabbit Hole” is not an easy task. Trying to minimize this spy thriller is almost impossible because of all its twists, turns and surprises. However, Kiefer Sutherland, Charles Dance and Meta Golding tried to explain their new series quickly, and let’s just say two of them were successful, while the other one fell down the rabbit hole, for lack of a better term, showing how complex the Rabbit Hole is.

How Kiefer Sutherland would describe a rabbit hole

Considering that Kiefer Sutherland is both the star and executive producer of his new show “Rabbit Hole,” it makes sense that he will have the longest answer to this question. Graduates of 24 explained to CinemaBlend the general concept of the series and told us everything about the world in which the action of this spy thriller takes place. He said:

Well, in a very quick version, I’d say it’s [the show] about not being able to trust the truth. You know, my character John Weir is someone who is skilled in the art of deception. He works as an espionage agent in the world of high finance and commerce, mainly on Wall Street. His whole career was connected with hunting. And in a matter of moments, he is hunted, and he is accused of a number of crimes, and the audience must see for themselves whether he is guilty or innocent of these crimes. And the audience must decide for themselves and see what is actually true.

The show does a great job of slowly removing layers and revealing the complexities of this world in which John Weir operates. As Sutherland explained, it’s all about the truth, and viewers have to decide who they want to believe and who they’re cheating on.

Sutherland also spoke in detail about how “incredibly relevant” this series is, noting that how people decide what to believe and why they do it is vital to the “Rabbit Hole,” the actor said:

I think this is a really difficult thing that we, as a society, are dealing with in the field of technology. And our show has that as a backdrop, and so it really challenges you to trust what you see and trust what you hear, not what you read, what you want to hear.

So, despite the fact that it was quite a long answer, it really conveys the essence of this twisty and twisty show, and Sutherland really helped put it into current events, making it clear that “Rabbit Hole” is not only exciting and mysterious, but also relevant.

How “Rabbit Hole” stars Charles Dance and Meta Golding will explain the series

Kiefer Sutherland’s colleagues, Charles Dance and Meta Golding, explained the show in a similar way, however they did it in a few words.

Dance, who has participated in complex shows such as Tywin Lannister in Game of Thrones and Lord Louis Mountbatten in The Crown, succinctly described the “Rabbit Hole”. He did this by describing what is at the center of the show: personal data. The actor of one of the most mysterious characters at the beginning of the Paramount+ series (opens in new tab) said:

It’s very difficult to describe it quickly, but it’s essentially a thriller, but at the heart and center of which is the whole business and the receipt and misuse of personal data. And how powerful it is. This is really, at least for me, the essence of this series.

Meta Golding, who plays Hayley Winton, a woman trapped in the world of Keifer Sutherland’s character, gave a similar response, describing the Rabbit Hole as follows:

Yes, I would say it’s a spy thriller about the power of data and how it affects a person.

Since the release of the first trailer, it has been unclear what exactly “Rabbit Hole” is about. As in any rabbit hole, there is something to open, open and get stuck in this series. However, we know that this spy thriller is centered around the power and danger of data, and somehow all these characters find themselves entangled in a confusing situation in the world of high finance and commerce.

To find out exactly what is going on in this Rabbit Hole, and to see if this show will become one of the best Paramount+ series, you need a Paramount+ subscription to broadcast the premiere on Sunday, March 26.


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