Watch: Arch Manning’s Playoff Game Stats Cause Debate – The Spun: What’s Trending in the Sports World Today


One Alabama fan noticed something pretty interesting when it comes to Arch Manning.

Last week, Manning officially went to Texas, not Alabama, Georgia, Clemson, Ole Miss and many others.

He’s the top recruit in the class of 2023, and he has a chance to be the best quarterback in the country when he’s ready to play.

However, this fan saw some of Manning’s playoff stats when his high school lost in a playoff game last season. He finished the game with just 44 yards passing, no touchdowns and one interception as his team lost 49-7.

He is concerned that this may become a trend in the future when he is ready to start with Texas.

The Longhorns want to play on the biggest stage with Manning, but will he be ready for it?

There is no doubt that he will try to learn from this experience before his senior season later this year. If he does, the fans will forget about that nightmarish playoff game he played last year.