WATCH: Andrew Garfield Amusingly Carried Out Will Smith’s Move at The Oscars


The 2022 Slapgate incident at the Oscars will be remembered for years because of the intense heat it produced. The news that Will Smith hit Chris Rock on the stage of the world’s largest film awards became a sensation. The media and people will not be able to easily forget this incident.

And people will remember not only the blow of Chris Rock’s Will Smith, but also the reaction of other celebrities who were present in this hall. So much so that a Halloween costume was created based on this incident. One of the most important reactions of celebrities who got caught on camera was the reaction of Andrew Garfield. The “New Spider-Man” actor was caught texting during the entire incident, which later became a meme template. But there was another reaction of his, which was captured by the cameras when he left the Oscar.

Andrew Garfield Imitating Will Smith will leave You in the Splits

Andrew Garfield’s text messages to his friends during the 2022 Oscars were the second most popular event of that night. The photo of him texting during the entire incident became so popular that the photo of the “New Spider-Man” actor was used in millions of memes.

But what most people didn’t see was Garfield’s reaction after the award ceremony. When the 39-year-old actor left the ceremony and approached his friends, he went to give them a high five. He successfully gave one of them a crushing five, but when he got close to the other, he did something unexpected.

At first it seemed like he was giving his friend a high five, but when he raised his hand, he pulled it back halfway. And although the clip in which he did it was very short, it was clear that he was imitating Will Smith.

So if you liked the picture with Andrew Garfield’s text message, you will surely like his mischievous imitation of Smith. Later, Smith was very sorry for what he had done and made a public apology. Moreover, after that he apologized to Chris Rock many times. However, according to the Independent, he was banned from applying for an Oscar for the next 10 years.

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