Watch: Absurd Jelly Statistics Go Viral at the College World Series – The Spun: What’s Trending in the Sports World Today


Omaha, Nebraska, has been home to the College World Series for generations. But one restaurant in town went viral because of how many Jello Shots they sell to college fans.

Rocco’s Pizza and Cantina is, in fact, a Mecca for college baseball fans during the College World Cup. The restaurant is known for its Jello Shots and maintains a leaderboard by the number of them sold to fans of different teams during the tournament.

As it turned out over the weekend, Arkansas Razorbacks fans have an endless appetite for them. The leaderboard has a whopping 3,416 sold to Arkansas fans— and their number continues to grow.

To put that number in perspective, Ole Miss is in second place with 2,763. After that there is a big gap in front of Texas A&M with 555 so far.

All the teams combined, that’s about 8000 Jello Shots sold during the College World Series. And at a reported price of $4.50 apiece, Rocco’s earned more than $36,000 from this item alone.

In a recent interview with SiriusXM, Rocco owner Kevin Kaliat explained that fans of these two programs started buying them by the hundreds shortly after he opened the store.

“It somehow went awry,” Kuljat said. “Arkansas took over the party room the other morning, Saturday… we open at 9, and at about 8:30 outside, probably 100 Arkansas fans are waiting to come in.

“They came at 9, and between 9 and 1, they bought 1,000 servings of jelly. It was a pretty good throw. Then the guys from Ole Miss came. for Ole Miss. It’s just crazy. I created a monster here, and it’s pretty funny to just sit and watch.”

Imagine how much alcohol-soaked jelly Culjat will be able to sell if and when these teams start losing, and the fans will need to drown their sorrows.