Watch: Aaron Rodgers’ Racy Touchdown Celebration Goes Viral


The Green Bay Packers joined Aaron Rodgers’ offseason ritual on Sunday night.

After the team’s touchdown that ended the first half, Allen Lazar began pouring some ayahuasca, a psychedelic South American elixir that ancient Amazonian tribes traditionally used as a spiritual medicine.

The Packers’ cage went viral on Twitter shortly after the value was revealed.

“I’ll take what they have,” the Cheese Head replied.

“I missed this moment last night,” Patrick Finley commented.

“The pre—Columbian Mesoamerican shamanic religious rituals of herbal medicine will be hard to beat during the landing celebration,” the radio host replied.

“And Rogers completed this by making a sign with the hand of the all-seeing eye with a fellow “spiritualist”. A goat annoying sports guy,” said another. “Kyrie wishes.”

For what it’s worth, Aaron Rodgers said he believes it’s part of what led him to consecutive MVP.


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