Watch a Parody of “Saturday Night Live” “White Lotus” and “M3GAN”


In the latest edition of Saturday Night Live there were parodies of The White Lotus and M3GAN — see them below.

Aubrey Plaza was the guest host of yesterday’s SNL program (January 21) and joined the cast to play a riff on “White Lotus,” in which she recently starred.

The parody trailer, dubbed “Black Lotus,” promised “all the decadence, all the intrigue [and] no stupidity” of the original.

Featuring “eight rich tourists, one luxury hotel and staff who don’t have time for this nonsense,” Black Lotus showed how Chloe Fineman revived her impression of Jennifer Coolidge, and Plaza played a bartender.

Elsewhere in the episode, a parody trailer was shown announcing the sequel to the horror comedy M3GAN.

“M3GAN is a cash center that has captured primarily one demographic group: gay men,” the trailer says. “So now we’re making a sequel that promises to be more gay.”

The sketch also features a cameo role of M3 star Allison Williams. Check it out below:

Also in this episode, Amy Poehler and Aubrey Plaza reprised their roles as Leslie Knope and April Ludgate from Parks and Recreation for the sketch.

Elsewhere, Sam Smith and Kim Petras performed their hit “Unholy” before Smith tackled the title track “Gloria” with a surprise appearance by Sharon Stone.

Last month, Aubrey Plaza revealed that she and her “White Lotus” co-star Megan Faye were picking mushrooms and got lost in Sicily, where they were filming the second season of Mike White’s comedy drama.

From other news: the title song of the second season of “White Lotus” suddenly became the anthem of the festival.

Earlier this week, the correct sequel to M3GAN was confirmed after the box office success of the original.

The sequel is currently called M3GAN 2 and is due to be released on January 17, 2025. It is reported that Allison Williams and Violet McGraw will return to their roles.


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