Wasteland Studio Vacancy Suggests Plans for an FPS


According to a listing of job openings published by InXile Entertainment, the Wasteland developer would have plans to launch an FPS RPG for the current generation of consoles.

InXile has announced a series of vacancies for the production of its new title and indicates that it is hiring an entire team to produce a “next generation action RPG” with “new first-person shooter features”. Professionals will also be responsible for creating “powerful, tactile first-person weapons and unique combat skills that draw the player into the action”.

Also according to job offers, the next big game from the Xbox studio should feature “vivid and immersive worlds”, “realistic to slightly stylized” art designs and characters with ultra-realistic features and “timeless” concepts.


Everything indicates that this mysterious production is the one that had been commented on by Brian Fargo, CEO of the studio, when he mentioned, in 2020, to be with a project still in its initial stages that will use the technologies of Unreal Engine 5. great information about the game.

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