Wasteland 3 released the trailer in common mode


Just a few days before the official premiere of Wasteland 3, a trailer of the cooperative mode is released in the game

There are only 6 days left until Wasteland 3 is released for consoles and PC, not to mention that the game will also be available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers and now presents a new trailer where we can see the expected cooperative mode of the game.

This long-awaited game will make us incarnate a Ranger from Colorado, a city that has been devastated by war and nuclear weapons, this being one of the most impressive post-apocalyptic scenarios that have been represented in a video game.

This new installment of the Wasteland franchise allows us to immerse ourselves in post-apocalyptic history, but now we can do it together, this is how this new modality is shown in a trailer published by inXile, one of the developers of Xbox Game Studios.

Through cooperative play, the rangers can work as a team to design different strategies in the fighting, which will prove to be very demanding, they will also have to face different groups, factions and cults that are established in Colorado.

Wasteland 3 available from August 28

Wasteland 3 will be released on August 28 and can be purchased directly with the Xbox Game Pass, this game being one of the strongest and most interesting bets on the RPG market, specifically for players who enjoy the more tactical side of the role.

In addition to the cooperative mode, we must add the permadeath mode, as well as the fact that there will be consequences based on our decisions, which can be postponed until 10 or 20 hours after having made a decision; also includes the famous character editor, one of the most complete.

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The release of Wasteland 3 will be for Xbox One and PC, so we can expect a large number of players to team up with from day one thanks to the Game Pass subscription; don’t forget, on August 28 we will be able to start the game in cooperative mode.


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