Wasteland 3, inXile gives the quality you were looking for


Discover the frozen wasteland in Wasteland 3. Inxile’s latest work successfully breaks from its roots to attract all types of players to turn-based role playing

The isometric role refuses to disappear. You just have to take a look at proposals like Wasteland 2, which brought together a multitude of RPGs who yearned for the gameplay of yesteryear. A long pilgrimage to the ruthless post-nuclear world where justice is served through decision-making and turn-based combat. His good work made him the CRPG we have been waiting for years.

Wasteland fans embarked on the adventure of being small investors in 2016. The more than three million revenues on the Fiq platform ensured much of the proposed objectives for Wasteland 3. After the launch, Brian Fargo planned to hang up his dusty boots and thus close his long stage in video games. But something unexpected thwarted his retirement plans: Microsoft acquired Inxile. The giant had no intention of meddling in the design, he only provided an extra cash along with a simple request: “do what you do best.”

Wasteland Remastered lightened the wait by recalling the background of the wasteland. In any case, it is not necessary to have experience in previous deliveries. Wasteland 3 is designed to appeal to all types of players. And right now we will see why.

Strangers in Colorado

Colorado, unexplored and hostile land. An expedition of 50 rangers heads there to fulfill a deal with a respected character in the area, the Patriarch. However, the frozen wasteland prepares an unpleasant welcome for them: a group of lunatics ambush them, drastically reducing their troops. No time for burials or sobs, the Rangers must immediately perform a few favors for the leader if they are to receive resources and support in Arizona. The problem is, those favors involve earning his three rebellious sons, who are part of dangerous factions in Colorado.

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Wasteland 3 released the trailer in common mode

Since the “Deluge of Fire” – as the people of Colorada call the falling of the bombs – the 100 families had rebuilt the state on a fragile thread. Thus they achieved peace in the midst of chaos. After a few years of relative calm, the first disagreements began to emerge over the concentration of power in the figure of the Patriarch. Consequently, tension broke out in the region. The Dorseys disassociated themselves from the coalition and began a vicious escalation of violence. In fact, we must face them in the first hours of play.


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