Waste water recycling starts at home with Hydraloop


If the Hydra Loop wastewater recycling system is connected to the gray water drain of your home, it undergoes a multi-layered and detailed treatment process and then produces water with a certain cleaning.

Today there is a large community of people around the world who have difficulty accessing quality water. However, there is an excessive waste in societies with access to water. Despite countless warnings, people use water rudely as if they will never run out. Many initiatives are developing methods for people to use water efficiently. Hydraloop is one of them.

Hydraloop – Specs and Price
Hydraloop is a refrigerator-sized waste water conversion device, which is on display at CES 2020. Hydraloop, installed in your household waste water drain, uses sophisticated technologies to make gray water clean to a certain extent.

In the device, the layers undergo processes such as sedimentation, separation, liquid separation and partitioning. Finally, moisture is applied to the remaining water and finally disinfected with ultra violet radiation. Of course we are not talking about potable water, but it can be used easily in toilets, washing machines, gardens or pools. This process is the same as that of giant waste water treatment plants.

Company officials in a family of 4 people using Hydraloop 80 thousand liters of water can be saved per year calculated. It is an important figure not only for the house but also for the water resources of the country. The Hydraloop system has a price tag of $ 4,000 and has sold 100 units to date.


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