Washington commanders announce punishment of Jack Del Rio: fan reaction


Earlier this week, Washington Command Defense Coordinator Jack Del Rio made a splash by calling the events of January 6, 2021 “dust” and equating them to the Black Lives Matters protests. Today boss Del Rio punished him for that.

On Friday, Commanders head coach Ron Rivera announced a $100,000 fine for Del Rio. In a statement, Rivera said Rivera apologized for his statements.

But Rivera has made it clear that he does not accept ambiguity between January 6 and the social justice protests. He announced that the $100,000 fine would go to the U.S. Capitol Police Memorial Fund, a charity supporting officers who were killed or injured during the attack on the Capitol building.

Many NFL fans praised Rivera on Twitter. Many like how he insists that Rivera’s freedom of speech does not give him immunity from the consequences:

Of course, there are also a lot of people saying that Ron Rivera’s punishment is too far for Jack Del Rio. Many hope that the Commanders will lose more in 2022 to spite him.

Others believe the harsh rebuke is a direct result of the team’s recent failed attempts to secure funding for a stadium in Virginia. Some members of the Virginia General Assembly acknowledged that Del Rio’s comments did not contribute to Washington’s efforts. The vote was postponed until next year.

Regardless of whether Del Rio sincerely regretted it or apologized verbally, he probably won’t talk about January 6 in such terms if he values his work.

Will Jack Del Rio learn from this experience?