Was Kate Middleton behaved better than Meghan Markle?


Would Kate Middleton and William be treated better by the Royal Family than their namesakes, Meghan Markle and Harry?

British tabloids are passionate about Kate Middleton, William, Meghan Markle and Harry. So much so that some specialists speak of preferential treatment.

In a recent prominent Twitter post on Tuesday, December 22, the author of the book Finding Freedom, devoted to the couple formed by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, raised the idea of ​​royal favoritism. According to her, Meghan and Harry would be more highlighted than Kate Middleton. Just that.

He spoke of media favoritism. A strong term, which he defends body and soul. “Imagine if this involved some other royal couple? “, did he declare.

Since the couple emancipated themselves to live the American dream, the press has only talked about them … Much to the dismay of Kate and William, who remain in the shadows.


The journalist specializing in the Royal Family reports that the Queen is “disappointed” that the press is focusing only on Meghan and Harry and not on Kate and William. She demanded that the newspapers remove their newspapers.

A war between British journalists has therefore broken out on social networks … Following the words of the writer. A reporter from Harper’s Bazaar magazine therefore decided to respond to the author’s comments. He denounced favoritism in the press.

“I made no mention of the news channels,” he said … Very reassured by the comments made by his colleague. His interlocutor therefore did not wish to stop there.

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This is not the first time that the press has reported favoritism within the Sussexes and Cambridge. Indeed, long before Meghan and Harry took to the chase, internal rivalries were already rife. Atmosphere …

The press learned that after the Megxit, Harry and William therefore kept updating each other on a regular basis. “Meghan and Harry sent Kate’s children plenty of gifts for the Christmas holidays. They call each other all the time. », Said a source close to the royal family. Enough to brush aside rumors of rivalry within the family for good!


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