Was Kanye West The Inspiration For Miles Bron From Netflix’s “Glass Onion”?


Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery on Netflix has become a worldwide hit, collecting more than 82.1 million views in just three days, which is very close to the attention that Kanye West attracts daily. However, West and Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, apart from their huge relevance to pop culture, do not have much in common. Or are they?


But while admiring Ryan Johnson’s beautiful script and direction, brought to life with a budget of $40 million, fans noticed a huge Kanye West poster. It wasn’t just ANY poster, because Ye, a genius rapper with numerous Grammys and a penchant for blocking social media accounts, was dressed as a Prophet with a bowl in one hand and an ancient torch in the other.

Where is Kanye West’s poster in the movie “Glass Bow: Get Knives”?

A mystical masterpiece is another brilliant film with Benoit Blanc at the helm. A stage film featuring the famous James Bond Daniel Craig was shot on an island in Greece. It tells the story of seven friends who were invited on a luxury vacation by their billionaire best friend, or, as Benoit Blanc likes to call him, a “vain buffoon” who wants them to solve the mystery of his murder.

A very important moment in the film is the moment when the entrepreneur passionately talks about his revolutionary project to create a hydrogen source that will amaze the whole world (all puns). And friends don’t have it. The idea itself is bigger than life and involves a lot of risk, but Bron does not back down.

Why is there a giant Ye mural in the film?

Placing a giant mural depicting Kanye West in this scene is a symbol that the rapper himself puts forward farcical ideas and considers anyone who tries to raise issues a “silencer”.

On the other hand, Kanye West may be an obvious source of inspiration for Miles Bron’s character. Few fans have noted the irony that the film will feature a giant mural depicting Ye as a prophet, while the rapper himself is criticized for his anti-Semitic views.

But considering how the film was shot in the summer of 2021, it is unlikely that this is the case.

Benoit Blanc may have solved the mystery that Miles Bron was an absolute “brainless blockhead**”, but the fans stayed with Kanye West. A giant mural in the film may resemble a former billionaire or portray a resemblance to an antagonist. Or just demonstrate what we guess based on how many times he called himself a “modern prophet”, a favorite image of E.

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