Was Jimin called ugly by one of his fellow BangTan?


Let’s remember the day when Jimin came in last place on the “most handsome list” made by one of his fellow BTS members.

When it comes to mutual bonds and sincere friendship, there is simply no way you can beat the BTS boy band and that is said to be one of the main reasons they are so successful together.

But readers, are you aware of the fact that there was once a time when Jimin actually put Jungkook in check with a comment? Well, it is clear that it was all a joke, nothing serious.

According to reports from VoomVoom, once during a group radio interview with the BTS team, the host asked Jungkook to rate the members of his BTS team in order of beauty and that’s where he named Jimin at the end.

Hearing this, everyone started laughing and Jimin hilariously asked Jungkook if he really found him that ugly for real, which made everyone have even more fun.

The boys of BTS have a very funny friendship

But it must be said that the way these guys work together and have grown more and more in recent years is truly wonderful.

It is clear that each of the members of BTS has a unique beauty, and Jimin is no exception. ChimChim has left ARMY with his mouth open on more than one occasion with his attractive looks.


Fans know that South Koreans enjoy teasing each other and making funny comments. When it comes to encouragement and support, however, the septet knows how to do it.

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Each of the idols recognizes the value, talent and other qualities that their peers possess. The great relationship that exists between all BangTan Sonyeondan has made the band a worldwide hit.


In  Somagnews we have informed you that BTS is already preparing their next album “BE”, so the fans are waiting to see how Jimin and the rest of the boys will surprise them. Why do you think Kookie left Mochi last on her list?


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