Was Jason Bateman Excluded From His Childhood Show to Steal TheAttention of Leading Stars?


Award-winning actor Jason Bateman has been working in the industry for four decades. Considering that the actor is now over 50, this means that he has been doing this since he was only ten years old. His first steps in the acting industry were made in “Little House on the Prairie”.

Viewers liked to see the boy from the cereal commercial on the TV show. And soon after that, his role in the cult television series “Silver Spoons” followed. Given the prominence of his roles in “The Ozarks,” “Arrested Development,” and “Terrible Bosses,” it’s easy to forget that Bateman once played a minor character in “Silver Spoons.”

Why was Jason Bateman kicked out of Silver Spoons?

Networth in the millions, recognized as the sexiest man alive, the Emmy Award and the Screen Actors Guild, stored in his closet, there are many things that make Jason Bateman not look like an ordinary man. But being excluded from a TV show with famous stars for being too popular definitely brings home the pie. Yes, we are talking about the time when Jason Bateman was removed from the cult sitcom “Silver Spoons”.

The drama centered around Edward Stratton III and his son with Ricky Schroeder as the star of the show. Bateman joined the show in 1982 and played the role of Derek Taylor. In addition, his character was Ricky Schroeder’s best friend and was supposed to be a bad influence on him. Considering how much Bateman is a pro at delivering highlights even now, he made the audience laugh even then.

His character was loved by the audience. More than Ricky Schroeder. And the minor character in the spotlight definitely bothered the creators. In addition, Silver Spoons was created by Martin Kohan, Howard Leeds and Ben Starr. Finally, after two seasons, they decided to remove Jason Bateman from the show.

However, the actor from the “Ozark” was not particularly concerned about this, because the producers promised him another show. And in this case, he will be the center of the plot, so excessive popularity will not be a problem. As promised, Jason Bateman got the role of Matthew Burton in 1984 in the new sitcom “It’s Your Turn.”

A few years later, this led to the fact that the actor became the idol of teenagers of that era. Considering that this is literally an ’80s show, Silver Spoons is not available on any streaming platforms.


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