Was Delayed, Kep1er Again Announces Their Definite Debut Schedule


The girl group consisting of 9 winners from the survival program ‘Girls Planet 999‘ again announced their latest debut schedule. On December 8th, WAKEONE and SWING Entertainment released an official statement discussing the debut of the girl group they worked with, Kep1er.

The agency also added information that Kep1er will cancel their appearance at the year-end event ‘2021 MAMA‘ for the safety of the artist and staff.

The following is a complete statement from WAKEONE and SWING released through the official Kep1er fancafe.

“Hello. This is WAKEONE and SWING Entertainment.

We would like to inform you that the release date of Kep1er’s first mini-album ‘FIRST IMPACT‘, which was scheduled for the 14th, has been postponed to January 3, 2022.

After one on-site staff tested positive for COVID-19 on December 4, Kepler conducted previous tests for COVID-19, and all of them tested negative. Staff are also running tests soon, and so far there have been no additional confirmed cases.

However, considering the safety of the artist and staff as a top priority, we have decided to cancel the ‘2021 MAMA‘ performance and adjust the album release schedule to completely block the possibility of infection and contagion.

We once again apologize to the fans and everyone involved who have been waiting for Kepler’s debut. We will do our best to ensure that artists and staff work in a safe environment. Thank you,” explained the agency.