Was Angelina Jolie in Love on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith?


Did Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt start flirting on the set of “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”? Until now, the media have always claimed that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt got together during the filming “Mr. & Mrs. Smith ”. What if this rumor is false ?!

To date, who does not know Angelina Jolie? A key figure in the world of the 7th art, we can no longer count all his projects which have met with great success at the box office.

If the star can boast of having a successful career, it is especially his private life that fascinates the tabloids. In 2005, Shiloh’s mother made the front page of all magazines after the filming of “Mr. & Mrs. Smith ”.

At the time, the actress was accused of shattering the couple Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt. A few months after the two stars split, Jon Voight’s daughter is finally living out her love affair with her on-screen partner.

But rumors are rife! In fiction, the complicity of the “Brangelina” is more than perceptible.

If Brad Pitt was indeed under the spell of the incendiary brunette during the filming, Angelina Jolie would not have been seduced right away. The fact that he was married would have put him off.

“I didn’t know exactly where Brad was in his personal life at the time,” the actress delivered for “Vogue” a few months after the famous film’s release. “But it was clear he was with someone he loved and respected.”


After her split from Billy Bob Thornton in 2003, Jolie was not at all in the business of finding love. Quite the contrary.

“Like many people, I had a very distant impression of him … via the media,” Zahara’s mother told us again for our colleagues at “Vogue”.

But also: “I think we were the last two people to look for a romantic relationship. I was not at all in this perspective. ”

For several months, the two stars would have been “very, very good friends” … before giving in to the obvious. The chemistry between them was too strong to continue to deny it.

“I was not as excited as people might think,” Jolie added. “We spent a lot of time thinking (…) and talking about what we wanted in life. And we realized that our expectations were very similar ”.

It was when Brad Pitt made his break-up with Jennifer Aniston official that the actress was finally able to project herself with him. The rest, you know it!


“We continued to take our time,” also underlined Angelina Jolie. “Life has led us on a path where we wanted to go together. Where we felt the possibility of doing something, the duty to do something ”.

For more than ten years, the actress and Brad Pitt would play one of Hollywood’s most glamorous couples. But in 2016, it was a shock!

Angelina Jolie files for divorce and accuses her husband of all evils to obtain sole custody of their 6 children. In any case on the red carpets, the Brangelina will have made us dream for many years!


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