Was a coach for the actors of Tomorrow belongs to us!


An actor present in the series Un si grand soleil (France 2) was a former coach for certain actors of Tomorrow belongs to us!

Julien Masdoua is known for playing the role of Enric Réal in Un si grand soleil. But before landing this role, he has a great career behind him. He even coached the actors of Tomorrow belongs to us.

Fans of Un si grand soleil know Julien Masdoua very well. In the series, he is one of Julien Bastide’s employees. Before long, he should actually be dating the beautiful Johanna.

Before Un si grand soleil, Julien Masdoua also coached actors in Tomorrow belongs to us. This is particularly the case with Clément Rémiens. He considers the latter as his little protégé.

The purpose of these coaches is to accompany the actors throughout the filming of Tomorrow belongs to us. In the series Julien Masdoua also gave his support to Clément Rémiens. The latter plays Maxime Delcourt in the series.

At the moment Julien Masdoua has left the set of Sète for Montpellier. Despite everything, he would still be very close to Clément Rémiens. He even confided that the latter was “his adopted son”. A lovely declaration of love.

In an interview with Télé Star, the actor of Un si grand soleil opened up about this role of coach. He revealed: “It was an exciting experience. I was there from day one. ”


Julien Masdoua (Un si grand soleil) also added: “I mainly worked with Ingrid Chauvin, Maud Baecker. And Samy Gharbi. My role was to find little tips to make their character grow ”.

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The actor of Un si grand soleil revealed: “On Tomorrow belongs to us, we can be in the heart of a dramatic arch for three months. End up in prison. And resume a completely normal life two weeks later. As if this event was digested “.

He continued, “My job was to help the actors integrate small details into their acting. So that the audience understood the emotions they were going through.”

Julien Masdoua (Un si grand soleil) also confessed: “It could be breaths, hesitations, absences, silences … I also sometimes collaborated with the authors to review the dialogues”.

He also revealed about Clément: “Clément is my adopted son! When he arrived in Sète, he had never toured. I took him under my wing. We never left each other again. He is the most amazing human being that I know.

The man also concluded, “He’s ecologically connected, intellectually. Humanly he is perfect. He comes to spend most of his weekends at home. We have projects together. He wants to try his hand at directing “.

Lovely words of love that are sure to please Clément. One thing is certain, the actor of So Big Sun is also very close to the young man!


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