Warzone: Activision Takes Action Against New AI Cheat


Warzone: Last Thursday (8), Activision, responsible for the successful Call of Duty: Warzone, began taking action against a complex threat that is becoming popular among malicious players. The case is a “universal” scam, capable of working on any platform or game through artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The software was denounced by the Anti-Cheat Police Department (ACPD) group this week on Twitter and it did not take long to reverberate among Activision fans. The reason? The trailer to promote the show used the recent Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War as a basis to illustrate its capabilities.

Despite being quite interesting, the technology presented in the trailer works as a disincentive for the arrival of new players not only in Warzone, but in any other competitive shooter franchise, such as Apex Legends or Valorant. Fortunately, Activision already seems to be acting and has started to “take down” the cheat promotion videos on YouTube channels and other social media.

On the other hand, the technology used by cheating is only accessible to a small portion of gamers, especially when it comes to consoles. That’s because it requires a computer capable of running the desired game at a high frame rate, a video capture card and buying the program — in addition to the video game itself, as the ACPD group explains. In short, the high cost of deployment would limit software distribution, but not entirely.

It is speculated that cheating has streamers as a target audience, as they have resources and need many hours of gaming to offer content to their followers. The problem raises serious doubts about the future of legitimacy in competitive shooting game matches. It remains to wait for the official position of Activision on the case.


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