“Warzone 2” Fans Think a Secret Plan Hides a Big Easter Egg


Warzone 2.0 players think they can start a “wider” Easter egg by discovering a mysterious code on a secret weapon.

As So Broken noticed on Youtube (via The Loadout), a code is printed on the Phantom’s Call weapon, which does not matter yet. In the explanatory video, So Broken cleans the fortress to get the Black Site key before entering and killing the Juggernaut to unlock the Vasnev-9K blueprint called Phantom’s Call.

The code “342374075” is printed on the side of the gun. A follow-up video from Geeky Pastimes explains that while there are some “interesting things” out there, it has yet to be confirmed anywhere that this is part of a broader Easter egg.

According to Geeky Pastimes, the code appears on the left and right side of the gun in different places and is printed very noticeably. In addition, it seems that there are no notifications in the game that players have successfully unlocked the drawing at all.

The codes were found in the original Warzone, but it was only eight digits. Perhaps the Warzone 2 codes consist of nine digits to distinguish them from their predecessor, but without confirmation that this number still means something, it cannot be confirmed in any case.

Geeky Pastimes suggested that there might be another Call of Duty alternate reality (ARG) game on the way, and in any potential situation where a nine-digit code is required, he “wouldn’t be surprised.” In conclusion , he said: “I think it’s safe to say it’s probably going to be this one. Let’s see.”

In other news, the Valorant coach was suspended from participating in his team’s grand final after making an “obscene gesture” on stage.


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