Wartales, The Tactical RPG In Early Access, Receives Its Fourth Region In Its New Update


Wartales: Shiro Games and Shiro Unlimited announce new content for their open world tactical RPG with Harag’s Marshlands, now available on Steam. Wartales, the open world tactical RPG with a Viking setting that arrived on Steam as early access in December 2021, receives its fourth region with Harag’s Marshlands. This has been announced by those responsible, Shiro Games and Shiro Unlimited, presenting a new trailer that you can see heading this news and detailing the news of this new update, now available through Steam for free, and that allows players of the title enjoy a broader and deeper development of your adventure.

All the news from Harag’s Marshlands

Thus, and thanks to the arrival of this new region for the main Wartales adventure, players can enjoy the following new features:

Abandoned village. The player has to explore these dangerous places without making any noise. Before entering the village, the player must choose which companion will accompany them to explore. If the player makes too much noise, the plagued will come and attack the player.
hordes. A giant group of plagued roam the lands. Cannot be killed: the player will have to run away to avoid death.
New camp items, items, and crafting recipes.
The level cap increases to 9 with new abilities.
All animals can be tamed and each species has a dedicated skill tree.
New combat rules: Hold X turns and Reach the flee point.

Wartales is an open-world tactical RPG that sees players lead a group of mercenaries to accomplish objectives, amass a fortune, and embark on dangerous adventures. The game has been developed by Shiro Games, the French studio behind Evoland and the successful Viking game Northgard.

Wartales has been available on Steam as a video game in early access since last December 2021 at a price of 34.99 euros.