Warrior Nun: Everything We Know About Season 2 of the Series


Shooting for season 2 of Warrior Nun finally got underway in the first week of last month on Netflix. That way, the practical work of the series will have to go through a few more days until a trailer is released and the release date is discovered.

Created by Simon Barry from the comics of the same name by Ben Dunn, the teenage supernatural narrative addresses the saga of Ava Silva (played by Alba Baptista), a young woman who, on a certain day, mysteriously wakes up in a resurrected morgue and discovers she is the bearer of Halo, a set of ancient powers.

From there, Ava becomes one of the key players in a secret society formed by nuns who hunt demons of all kinds. Throughout the episodes, viewers follow various adventures and threats that must be faced in relation to these powers and all those who want to obtain them.

What to expect from Warrior Nun Season 2?

Season 1 of the fantastic series attracted the genre’s fan audience to streaming, as well as receiving several favorable reviews. The production was renewed just over a month after its July 2020 debut. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, fans were reassured by a social media post dated May 2021 from David Hayter, executive producer of the project.

At the time, Hayter stated that he would work directly from Spain with the 2nd season of Warrior Nun. With a sharp pre-production, through an Instagram post by Tristán Ulloa, co-writer of the series, in early July this year, it was confirmed that the new episodes have started to be filmed.

Thus, the expectation is that the next emotions between the characters will be watched from the second half of 2022. The cast will again include the participation of Toya Turner, Kristina Tonteri-Young, Sylvia De Fanti, William Miller, Tristan Ulloa , Lorena Andrea and Olivia Delcan. However, it is unknown whether Thekla Reuten will repeat her role as Jillian Salvius.

It is possible that the narrative will continue to advance through the dichotomy between the forces of good and evil. With the truth about Adriel finally revealed, it is expected that the character will have more prominence and development in the new episodes, mainly because of the issues that directly involve Ava and Father Vincent.

Bearing in mind that viewers are already familiar with this mythological world, it’s possible that Season 2 is still focused on discovering seductive new villains, as the deeper details have already been explored before.

Some secondary conflicts will also continue their respective journeys, especially when we talk about Cardinal Duretti (Joaquim de Almeida) and Mother Superior.

So stay tuned for all the news about this series from Netflix!


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