“Warrior 2” wouldn’t work — the new TV show is much better


The upcoming series, which will be a sequel to 2011’s “Warrior,” is a much better concept than a straight-up “Warrior 2″ would be. News has arrived that the MMA drama “Warrior” has a continuation of the streaming series in the works for Paramount+, with Adair Cole as a screenwriter and the film’s director Gavin O’Connor returning as both director and producer. Reportedly, the Warrior’s Paramount+ series is designed for 10 episodes, it will feature Gina Rodriguez and former UFC champion Daniel Cormier, and the plot will focus on a quartet of new MMA fighters, two men and two women, at a tournament known as Sparta. .

In The Warrior, separated brothers Tommy (Tom Hardy) and Brendan Conlon (Joel Edgerton) independently enter Sparta, and Brendan needs money to save his family’s house from foreclosure. As Tommy and Brendan compete, the MMA Warrior setting becomes an arena for them and their father Paddy (Nick Nolte) to solve long-standing problems that have destroyed their family. When Tommy and Brendan face each other in Sparta’s final mixed martial arts match, Brendan wins when the two brothers come out of the cage with tears in their eyes, finally reconciling during the fight.

Why “Warrior 2” didn’t work

Despite the box office disappointment at the time, “The Warrior” was very well received, and the emotional force that the film brings to the family drama at the mixed martial arts tournament was praised along with the performances of Hardy, Edgerton and Nolte (who was even nominated for an Oscar for the role of Paddy.) The independent nature of the Warrior story also makes it not very suitable for direct continuation. The warrior left the story of Tommy, Brendan and Paddy completely immersed in his family, after a journey as emotional as Halle Berry’s MMA movie “Bruised”, but using Sparta as a basis for the stories of other MMA fighters expands the potential of the tournament. has. Simply returning to a tournament as big and publicized as Sparta is the perfect way to introduce other fighters with their own backstory to follow them like a Warrior with Tommy and Brendan.

The series has more features than “Warrior 2”

The series “Warrior” on Paramount+ can also allow you to deploy arcs of different fighters over a longer period of time in 10 episodes of the show. Tommy and Brendan’s journey to meet each other again in The Warrior took over 140 minutes because it was the right time, but the stories of other fighters could just as easily have happened over a longer period. The Warrior series can even tell stories about several different fighters using many different martial arts disciplines in parallel to each other, and their paths intersect as needed, until they finally enter the cage of Sparta.

The story of how two brothers became a family again thanks to an MMA tournament turned “Warrior” into a very touching drama, and in 2015 the film even received an equally strong Bollywood remake of “Brothers”. By this nature, the history of a Warrior cannot but be integral. The tale of MMA. By expanding the structure to a streaming series with brand new fighters telling their own stories, Paramount+ ‘s Warrior series makes returning to Sparta a much more appealing concept.