Warning About The Last of Us Part II Spoilers From Naughty Dog


Leaks have emerged from The Last of Us Part II, the first of which has been a huge success and players have been waiting for a long time. The information that is claimed for now is found in various platforms on the Internet. The developer of the game, Naughty Dog, also issued a warning in this regard.

The Last of Us Part II, one of the games awaited by the players, was delayed due to the coronavirus outbreak. The producer of the game, Naughty Dog, updated its release date as June 19. It was noteworthy that this update came after leaks that occurred.

“We know that the last few days are extremely difficult for you,” the company tweeted. We feel the same way. Showing and sharing scenes before the release from the development stage is disappointing. “Do your best to avoid spoilers and do not break the surprise for others.”

‘The game will be in your hand soon’
The company, which made a short addition to the statement, said, “The Last of Us Part II will soon be in your hands. No matter what you see or hear, your last experience will be worth it. ” Naughty Dog obviously targets rumors and leaks that have surfaced over the weekend.

On the other hand, if you are curious about leaks, it will be beneficial to search carefully. It seems that the leaked information contains important events in the upcoming game. There are a lot of details on the list.

No verification of leaks:
On the other hand, all shared and details may be a claim because there is no confirmed information among the rumors. However, the statement made by Naughty Dog suggests that this information may have a share of accuracy.

When we look at similar situations in the past, it is striking that bots automatically respond to posts made about some words and try to spoiler searches. At least this is not the case for The Last of Us Part II at the moment.

The information we have for The Last of Us Part II is currently limited. Problems in the supply chain due to the coronavirus outbreak caused the game to be delayed. The game is expected to generate great excitement when it is released.


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