Warning in Italy: hospitals on the verge of collapse


Doctors in Italy have warned that the situation of hospitals in the country is on the verge of collapse due to the second wave of Covid-19.

Italian doctors and nurses associations have warned that the situation of all hospitals in the country is “on the verge of collapse” having already exceeded the number of patients admitted for the first wave coronavirus.

In Italy, infections surpassed the symbolic threshold of one million cases on Wednesday and with 29,500 people hospitalized, a figure that was never reached even during the first wave of Covid-19.

Hospital centers “are now on the verge of collapse, due to lack of staff and lack of beds in the face of the rapid and dizzying spread of the Covid-19 infection. Messages that calm the situation should not be given,” several wrote in an open letter. medical associations.

They denounce the “dramatic hospital situation” due to the Covid-19 pandemic and assure that in many regions the occupancy rates of hospitals are now above 100% and it is explained that access to them by non-covid patients it is shrinking. ”

Hospitals on the brink of collapse in Italy

The images of these days in Italy are those of cars and ambulances lined up for hours in front of hospital emergencies. Those responsible for the Cotugno hospital in Naples explain that there is no room for any patient either on the floors or in the ICU, despite the lines of ambulances.

Sometimes people spend up to 10 hours inside vehicles. This Wednesday, one of the coronavirus-positive patients who had come to the Cardarelli in Naples was found dead in one of the hospital bathrooms.

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As we have reported in Somagnews, the entire Naples region is at the center of the debate in the country since the Government continues to consider it a yellow zone, that is, not a high-risk zone and therefore without additional restrictions.


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