WarnerMedia CEO condemns attacks by Snyder Cut fans


After three years of campaigning, the fans got what they wanted and Snyder Cut was finally released. However, this does not mean that the controversies are over. In an interview with Variety, Warner Media CEO Ann Sarnoff condemned the attacks by some Snyder Cut fans.

According to Sarnoff, the release of Zack Snyder’s version of the Justice League brought some toxic fans back to the surface. The CEO says WarnerMedia executives have suffered from intimidation on social media, as have critics who did not like Snyder’s film.

Sarnoff reaffirms that she is disappointed with those who chose to follow the path of bullying and that she wants the DC fandom to be safe and inclusive.

Mobilizing fans

After the success of the campaign for the Snyder Cut, fans are now using social media to ask for the release of the sequences devised by the director and the cut of David Ayer of the Suicide Squad.

On these matters, the CEO says that Justice League ended the Zack Snyder trilogy in DC and that there will be no further releases from the director. Regarding Ayer Cut, Sarnoff was categorical: it will not happen.

What does Zack Snyder say?

In an interview earlier this year, the director defended his fans from the reputation of being “toxic”. According to Snyder, his fandom raised thousands of dollars for a suicide prevention organization and that they probably did more good than any other group.

During the social media campaign for Warner to release the Snyder Cut, the director’s fans raised more than $ 200,000 for the American Suicide Prevention Foundation. This is an important cause for the director, who left the production of Justice League after his daughter, Autumn, committed suicide.


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