Warner studio works on new AAA and free-to-play game


According to a job listing released by Warner Bros. Games, the San Diego, Calif.-Based studio, is hiring several professionals to drive the development of a new multi-platform, free-to-play AAA game.

Vacancy offers are suggesting that the company is after a post-senior level designer, responsible for developing a “primarily static” map and “integrating aspects of iconic locations into gameplay game pieces” by a senior combat designer, which will have to create a combat system with “varied, unique and balanced skills and movement sets”, and product managers and game systems, who apparently will be in charge of the microtransaction functions.

Warner revealed that “the game will be developed on Unreal Engine 4 and will be offered on multiple platforms, including ninth generation consoles”, indicating that it should arrive in base formats for the previous generation and also for Nintendo Switch, since the listing suggests the looking for a senior platform engineer with experience in the Nintendo hybrid.

The title is still in the early stages of production and the signings will mark the start of the pre-production period, so it is very likely that Warner will still take time to announce more concrete details about the new game.


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