Warner Play Promotes Gamer Prizes To DC Fans


Warner: Along with the latest news announced at DC Fandome, Warner’s event that broke records for views, the company presents its new content channel, Warner Play with promotions and a raffle of 4 exclusive kits for DC fans with items such as gamer chairs, headsets , games, backpacks and mugs.

The channel in its completely redesigned format has been in operation since February this year, but it is the first time that the company has carried out a huge promotion to encourage the public to subscribe to the platform.

Among the content featured on YouTube, we can check out awaited game and movie release lives, interviews with experts and celebrities, behind-the-scenes and bug recording of productions, exclusive trailers, gameplay tips, unboxing of special editions and product kits, free sample of content, top 10 production lists, event re-streams, game tests and expansions, nostalgia stories and news from the geek world.

Although there’s plenty for fans of the DC and Warner universe to follow, let’s get down to business: whoever wants to compete for the kits needs to subscribe to the Warner Play YouTube channel, access the promotion’s website and fill out the form.

4 will be awarded a Batman Kit (which includes a Batman gamer chair from Chairs Inc., a Logitech headphone, a Batman pillow, a backpack, a mug and the games Batman: Arkham Knight, Batman: Return To Arkham, Injustice 2: Legendary Edition, Lego DC Super Villains and Mortal Kombat 11 Ed. Vanilla, all for Playstation 4) or a Superman Kit (including a Superman gamer chair from Chairs Inc., a Logitech headphone, a Superman pillow, a backpack and mug, plus the same games for PS4).

Registration is open until December 17th and the draw will be held on the 18th.